Sunday, December 14, 2008

BI Tarik 4 Pecahan Uang Kertas

Jakarta - Bank Indonesia officially revoke fraction 4 and interesting paper money, which is considered too long outstanding. Withdrawal apply from 31 December 2008.

4 Withdrawal of paper bills, money is a start date of 31 December 2008, through Bank Indonesia Regulation (PBI) No. 10/33/PBI/2008.

Fraction of paper money that is being revoked and the following:

1. Rp 10.000 Year Emission (TE) 1998 (Front Image: National Heroes Cut Nyak Dhien)
2. Rp 20.000 Year Emission (TE) 1998 (Front Image: National Heroes of Ki Hajar Dewantara)
3. Rp 50.000 Year Emission (TE) 1999 (Front Image: National Heroes WR. Soepratman)
4. Rp 100.000 Year Emission (TE) 1999 (Front Image: Heroes and Dr Proklamator Dr.Ir.Soekarno. H. Mohammad Hatta, based on polymer).

"BI routinely perform cancellation and withdrawal of money rupiah. This is done with consideration, among others, the edar the long development of the technology and the security elements (security features) on the money," said Budi Rochadi, Deputy Governor of the field in the broadcast Pengedaran Money persnya, Thursday (27/11/2008).

Four bills, money is no longer valid as a means of payment is valid (legal tender), after the revocation order, and this withdrawal.

For people who still hold the money-bills, bills, you can do with the money exchange dollar bills, the same or other fraction that is still valid in the offices of Bank Indonesia, or the nearest public banks.

The deadline for exchanging the four bills, money in the bank is up to the public on the 30th of December 2013 or 5 years since the cancellation and withdrawal of money.

Meanwhile, the exchange in the time-BI is up to date 30 December 2018 or during the 10 years since the date of cancellation. The right to exchange the four-dollar bills, money that is being revoked and no longer valid after 10 years as of 31 December 2018.

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